Kampai! Quickie sake trivia question #6

Happy Thursday, sake lovers! And a thousand apologetic bows for our absence. With the Honolulu Joy only (gasp) eight days away, we are, how shall we put it … well, let’s just say we’re in the home stretch of preparations for sorting 3,500 sake, getting things ready for sake seminars and judging and pinning down final touches with our 15 restaurants and our Pier 2 venue for a joyous celebration with 1,000-plus sake lovers like you! In eight days!

Congratulations to KAYLA, our randomly picked winner from all seven correct answers! All correct because they’re in the same vein: A restaurant overpours sake to show generosity, welcome and appreciation to its customers. A beautiful gesture, wouldn’t you agree? Kayla, may your prize of two Joy of Sake cups always overflow — we’ll get them in the mail to you as soon as the Honolulu Joy is over.

Today’s trivia challenge may or may not be the last, because (gasp) we’re only eight days out! We will do our best. Meanwhile, because this may or may not be sake trivia’s farewell, we are awarding three (yes, THREE) Joy of Sake T-shirts for the correct answer to this question:

What was the original inspiration for the name ‘Joy of Sake’?

Have at it, people!



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10 responses to “Kampai! Quickie sake trivia question #6

  1. I have no idea on this one 🙂 So I’ll guess, there is a book by a similar title, The Joy of Sex. Several things have been given similar titles since…

  2. Lynda Takara


  3. Kevin Ikeda

    i’m guessing it was named to share the appreciation & love of drinking sake with others.

    by the way, i never received an email regarding winning the drawing for the earlier question. as always, I will be attending the JOS, so can I pick up my prize then?

  4. Kyle ching

    To celebrate the culture of Japan?

  5. Leighton Liu

    The inspiration for the name “Joy of Sake” probably came from the plethora of book titles that first began with “The Joy of Cooking” in 1931, with one of the most well known titles being, “The Joy of Sex,” which was published in 1972.

  6. Thanks! I’m excited to have won your last trivia challenge, however I think i mistakenly deleted an email from you regarding it. Do you mind sending it again?

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