Friday’s Joy: All about the where

Joy of Sake moves to a brand new spot in Honolulu this year, prompting us to bring you this impromptu Q&A highlighting every bit of useful info we could think of. But first, the 411, then we’ll open the floor to questions.

WHAT: Joy of Sake Honolulu
WHEN: Friday, July 20 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
WHERE: Pier 2 Cruise Terminal Hall at 521 Ala Moana Blvd.
TICKETS: $80 at the Sake Shop, Marukai Markets, Fujioka’s Wine Times and The Wine Stop, or online at

Q: Where is Pier 2 Terminal Hall?
Right in town at Honolulu Harbor. Go down Ala Moana Boulevard, turn toward the ocean at Channel Street across from Restaurant Row, and Terminal Hall is at the water’s edge. Pier 2 is NOT at Aloha Tower.

Q: How come I’ve never heard of Pier 2 Terminal Hall?
It’s brand new (see first sentence above). Actually it’s been there for years, but was closed to the public and mostly greeted cargo ships and barges. In June the state unveiled a massive renovation that transformed the interior: new art, lighting, flooring and wall finishes, with escalators going up and up to a high lanai overlooking the water.

So Pier 2 is brand new as a venue for public events, and Joy of Sake is Pier 2’s inaugural event! See what we mean by brand new?

Q: Where’s the parking?
We knew you’d ask! Valets will be on hand at Pier 2, and you can also self-park in lots on Channel Street and in the Foreign Trade Zone, as well as in metered stalls on Channel. There’s also Restaurant Row across the street (not free) and street parking in the area.

Q: Is the hall air-conditioned?
Excellent question! It is most definitely air-conditioned, which means a better serving temperature for the sake. In fact, we’re bringing the sake to Pier 2 in refrigerated trucks and will place them on the tables as close as possible to the start of the Joy.

We like to serve sake cool for pleasurable drinking — not chilled to where they’ll have a bite — and through the evening they’ll come to air-conditioned room temperature, the ideal state for connoisseurs interested in discerning every quality of a sake.

Any more questions? If so, please post them in the comments here, or on Facebook (Joy of Sake) or on Twitter @joyofsake.



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2 responses to “Friday’s Joy: All about the where

  1. Leighton Liu

    Thanks for writing this one, Mari, as it was very much needed! BTW, thanks also for urging me to enter your trivia contest, as I had just assumed that the question was too easy and there would be too many takers. May I pick up the T-shirt at the JOS event?

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